Cost of NEXGEN cabinet doors in Tafisa Feria and Viva colours

Are you considering NEXGEN cabinet doors? Read this article to learn how much NEXGEN doors cost and what factors affect the pricing.

Three NEXGEN cabinet doors (one grey, one dark grey, and one brown) on a black countertop.

Working on kitchen projects is overwhelming. There are many choices for you to make – appliances, countertops, flooring, hardware, and more.

And of those many options, cabinet doors have the greatest impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. Making the wrong choice can be expensive – for example, selecting a low-quality option that you have to replace in a couple of years.

But aside from the price, choosing a cabinet door that you aren’t happy with can affect your enjoyment of your kitchen. This is problematic because the kitchen is often considered the heart of your home.

So how can you ensure you make the right choice without breaking the bank?

At Cutting Edge, we produce NEXGEN™ cabinet doors. They are a cost-effective option that is still durable. NEXGEN doors are popular in environments that need a durable and long-lasting cabinet door that fits within a tight budget.

However, you still need to know exactly how much they cost before deciding if they’re the right cabinet door for you. Keep reading to learn:

But first, let’s review what NEXGEN™ cabinet doors are!

NEXGEN cabinet doors are a pre-wrapped product

NEXGEN™ cabinet doors refer in a general sense to any five-piece cabinet doors with a manufactured wrap. Typically, NEXGEN cabinet doors utilize either a NEXGEN™ wrap, which Olon Industries Inc. developed and trademarked in 2016 or a TFL wrap designed by other companies. The wrap surrounds an MDF core, which makes the product stable and cost-effective.

An infographic showing how the MDF core of NEXGEN doors is wrapped by polyester and TFL.

NEXGEN doors mimic real wood doors for significantly less money – about half the cost on average.

We look at NEXGEN cabinet doors in colours developed by Tafisa® in this article.

Pricing for NEXGEN cabinet doors in Tafisa® colours - $42.66+

Because NEXGEN materials have minimum order quantities, we can’t stock every single colour from every supplier. So, here’s pricing for the colours we do stock.

The Feria™ collection by Tafisa - $44.54+

Tafisa has six colours in the Feria collection. We keep one of those colours in stock.

Colour Name Minimum Price per Piece Price per Square Foot
First Dance $44.54 $29.69

The Viva™ collection by Tafisa - $42.66+

There are 14 colours in the Viva collection. At Cutting Edge, we keep four of those colours in stock.

Colour Name Minimum Price per Piece Price per Square Foot
After Hours $44.54 $29.69
Après-Ski $44.54 $29.69
Stargazer $44.54 $29.69
Winter Fun $42.66 $28.44

You might wonder, ‘How does the pricing work, and why is there a minimum price per piece? Is this retail pricing or contractor pricing?’

Good questions! Here’s the answer to both:

1. Pricing method

At Cutting Edge, we use square-foot pricing combined with a minimum price per piece. The minimum price per piece applies because each cabinet door takes a certain amount of effort and material. A square footage price applies once your cabinet door is over 1.5 square feet. To calculate your door cost, determine the cabinet door square footage (area) and multiply that by the square footage cost.

2. Retail pricing

We based all costs in this article on retail pricing. If you have contractor pricing from Cutting Edge, apply that discount to the pricing to determine your cost.

Comparison of pricing between the Feria and Viva collections

Now, let’s look at how the pricing compares from one collection to another. As you already know, the minimum price applies until your cabinet door is over 1.5 square feet. At that point, the square footage price applies. You can see how this affects the pricing in the chart below.

Door Size Price for Feria Colours Price for Viva Colours
12" by 6" $44.54 $42.66 - $44.54
12" by 12" $44.54 $42.66 - $44.54
12" by 24" $59.38 $56.88 - $59.38
12" by 36" $89.07 $85.33 - $89.07
18" by 36" $133.61 $127.99 - $133.61

Factors that affect the cost of NEXGEN cabinet doors

NEXGEN doors have limited options and customizations because they are a pre-wrapped product. Thus, only two factors impact the cost.

1. Date of stock

The cost of NEXGEN cabinet doors can vary from colour to colour depending on when we last restocked the material. Because prices continue to increase over time, older stock costs less than newer stock.

Therefore, if you choose a colour that we have in stock, your cabinet doors will cost less than a recently restocked colour.

Thanks to NEXGEN’s fade- and wear-resistance, old stock is indistinguishable from new stock.

2. Shipping

Shipping costs play a major role in the overall cost of your cabinet doors. For example, shipping costs for a single cabinet door can range from $20 to over $200, depending on the parcel size, weight, and destination.

At Cutting Edge, we prepay freight for every shipment. If your order costs less than $1000 subtotal, we pass the freight charges on to you. However, we cover most of the shipping costs if your order is over $1000 subtotal.

Order more than 100 NEXGEN cabinet doors for a discount

If your order of NEXGEN cabinet doors is over 100 pieces, our team will apply a 10% discount.

Price out your NEXGEN cabinet doors

As you well know, cabinet doors are an expensive and important purchase. If you make the wrong decision, you may end up with low-quality or overpriced cabinet doors. 

At Cutting Edge, we understand and agree that it is vital to remain within your budget. So, we want you to know how much your cabinet doors will cost before you choose.

Now that you know the basics of NEXGEN cabinet door pricing, it’s time for you to take the next step. Price out your order using our online ordering platform for detailed and current pricing.