Cutting Edge Contractor Pricing: Overview & Benefits

In this article, we review how you can get contractor pricing from Cutting Edge Doors & Woodworking, and the benefits of working with our team.

The Cutting Edge factory.

If you are a member of our cutthroat woodworking industry, you are probably struggling to remain competitive. With the prices of raw materials constantly fluctuating, how do you meet your customer’s needs while still making money? 

You are here because you need a solution. You need a way to keep on top of your jobs, make money, and remain profitable. Is there anything that can be done to help you?

At Cutting Edge Doors and Woodworking, we work with a variety of industries. From cabinet shops to individual cabinet makers to one-person renovation companies and more, we do our best to ensure that our customers can remain competitive in their target market. 

In this article, you will learn the following:

Cutting Edge contractor pricing: how to get set up

To receive contractor pricing, our team needs your basic business information. This is your: 

  1. Business name
  2. Contact information (phone number and email address)
  3. Billing address
  4. Shipping address
  5. Tax-exempt status (for Saskatchewan businesses only)

If any of the information we need is not provided or does not line up with a business in the woodworking industry, our team reserves the right to refuse contractor pricing. 

Once we receive and review your information, our team will set up an account in our system for you with our basic contractor pricing. Basic contractor pricing is one step better than retail pricing, but it is not the extent of the pricing discounts available.

I already have contractor pricing; is there better pricing available?

Yes, but it depends on your yearly order volume. Companies with a yearly order volume over CA $70000 are eligible for better contractor pricing. 

If you are just getting set up with our company, send in an estimated yearly order volume. We will start you off with the best rate available based on the estimate. 

If you are already ordering from our company, you can request a pricing review from our sales team. If your previous order volume is below the threshold (CA $70000), your request for better pricing may not be approved. Our team may grant an exception if your current pricing is preventing you from breaking into your market.

There are also price breaks available on a per-order basis. Orders over $10000 subtotal or more than 100 pieces may be eligible for a 10% discount.

Services and benefits of Cutting Edge contractor pricing

Our commitment to excellent products and customer service applies regardless of your account status. However, setting up a contractor account opens up additional services and benefits.

Hassle-free warranty

We provide hassle-free warranty whenever possible. In most cases, a picture of the defect will be enough for our team to get a warranty replacement on order. If we need more information , we will communicate with you to ensure the best solution possible.

Product commitment

All orders are hand-sanded to 180 grit and inspected by a qualified team member before they leave our facility. You should do a quick inspection and scuff sand (about 1-2 minutes per door on average) to help make sure you notice any damage or product problems before your team finishes the doors.

Customizable service

We are always looking for ways to customize our service to make your experience as easy as possible. For some customers, this means we only ship orders on certain days. Other customers prefer to receive all their cabinet doors with a certain stile and rail width. Whatever it is, we would like to make sure that the products and services we are providing you with are exactly what you are looking for all the time.

Face-to-face meetings

Our internal sales team is committed to visiting as many of our customers as possible in a face-to-face setting. With the wide range of locations we service (from western BC to Ontario, and more), our schedule is packed. However, we do our best to meet all those who would like the opportunity, whether this means in person or over a video call. 

Factors that affect the cost of an order

Some factors don’t influence the cost of an order. Any of our standard inside and outside profiles can be selected without affecting the cost. Other standard options, such as reduced rails on drawer fronts, or broken square edges, are available for no extra charge.

However, many factors will change the cost of an order. Below, we will go over some of the most common factors

Door style

The overall door style has a huge impact on pricing. A basic slab door without profiling will be much less expensive than a very detailed raised panel door. Doors built with cope and stick joints cost less than doors built with mitered joints. As a general rule, a more complex or detailed door will be more expensive.

An infographic showing the relationship between the complexity of door styles and the cost.

Wood species

Certain wood species cost more than other wood species. Usually, this is influenced by the rarity of the wood, combined with the demand for that wood type. 

Rift Cut White Oak is a good example. It was already expensive because Rift Cut is the least common lumber grade. Increasing demand for Rift Cut White Oak over the last 3 years has made the price increase dramatically. In the last 6 months alone, the raw lumber cost has increased by about 30% on average.

An infographic showing the relationship between price, hardness, popularity and availability of wood.

Panel type

The two panel options available are plywood and solid wood. Of these two types, solid wood panels are always more expensive than the same wood type in a plywood panel.  

Plywood panels cost less because they have only a thin layer of the actual wood (usually less than 1mm of actual wood per side) glued onto a cheaper material in the center. Solid wood panels are 100% solid wood. 

Minimum square footages

Most cabinet door manufacturers have a minimum square footage charge set up. This applies on a per-door basis and exists because all doors take at least a certain amount of time to build regardless of the size. 

Here at Cutting Edge Doors & Woodworking, our minimum square footage for all 5 piece doors and drawer fronts is 1.5 square feet. Any piece under this square footage (for example, a 12” by 12” door which is 1 square foot) would be priced as if it were 1.5 square feet.

Minimum square footage can vary depending on the door style. MDF slabs have the minimum square footage set at 1 square foot because they take less time to make on average.

An infographic showing how to calculate square footage of a cabinet door.

Custom details and pieces

Any custom details or components will increase the cost of the order. Some common custom details are non-standard stile and rail widths, custom profiles, and custom arches. 

Some examples of custom pieces are decorative panels for islands, feature doors (like mullion frames), or shaped doors to fit specific areas.

A variety of custom doors. From left to right: a blue door with an X detail on the panel; a stained open frame door with a mullion insert; a white mullion frame; and a stained door with 3 vertical mullion bars on the panel.

Additional fees

There are times when additional fees apply to orders. For example, a rush fee may apply to an order that needs to be produced sooner than our standard lead time. (On average, our lead time is 12-15 working days for raw doors, but this can vary depending on the door style chosen or if you want the doors finished.) Small run fees can apply to molding orders under 80 lineal feet per profile.


Orders under $1000 subtotal will have shipping charges added to cover transit from our shop to the destination. 

Some shipments have accessorial charges applied while they are in transit. If any of these charges are applied to a shipment, we will forward them to you on a separate invoice.

Learn more about shipping charges, our shipping policy, and accessorial charges.

Why should you work with Cutting Edge Doors & Woodworking?

When you started reading this article, you were looking for a way to stay competitive and still make a profit. You weren’t sure if this was even possible, or what could help you.

We are here for you – our team wants to work with you to best meet your needs. Whether this means an overall pricing discount because of your order volume, a discount on a large order, or custom scheduling options, our team is focused on you. 

Have you been struggling to get your orders installed on time? We will work with you to get your orders to you when you need them. 

Do you need a custom profile developed to get that order you’ve been working on? We will make it happen, or offer alternative options.

What you should do next:

If you don’t work with us yet, your next step is to get your contractor account. Fill out the form below to submit your business information to our team, and we will set up your account.

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