Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors: Wood, MDF, NEXGEN and More

Cutting Edge Doors & Woodworking produces a wide range of cabinet doors. Each cabinet door type is highly customizable and has drawer front options available to help meet your needs.

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A quarter sawn white cabinet oak door with a light brown stain.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are available in many styles, ranging from traditional to modern. You can customize each door style and choose from many wood types.

Wood doors are available with cope and stick joints or mitered joints.

MDF Doors

MDF doors are highly customizable, which makes them a good choice for a cost-effective one-of-a-kind cabinet door. You can order MDF doors ready to finish or painted with any Benjamin Moore paint color. You can also request custom paint matches.

There are four main categories of MDF doors – 1pc MDF doors, 2pc MDF doors, 5pc MDF doors, and MDF slabs.

A 1pc MDF cabinet door with a raised center panel painted dark gray.
A NEXGEN mitered cabinet door in the Nizza K13 material.


NEXGEN doors are a durable option ideal for high-wear environments with built-in antimicrobial protection to help you keep your cabinet doors clean.

NEXGEN material is available in three types of doors – mitered, cope and stick, and slim shaker.

A white thermofoil cabinet door.

Thermofoil Doors

Thermofoil doors are durable and are a good choice for medium to high-wear environments. Because thermofoil doors are vinyl-wrapped, they are easy to clean and maintain.  

Thermofoil doors have a wide range of door styles and color options.

A Knotty Alder solid wood slab with a medium brown stain.

Slab Doors

Slab doors provide a clean, modern appearance. Because slab doors have a flat surface, they are easy to clean. Slab doors are a good option for dusty or dirty environments.  

There are five types of slab doors – solid wood, wood veneer, high gloss/matte, TFL, and HPL.

A quarter sawn White Oak slim shaker cabinet door with a grey-brown stain.

Specialty Doors

Specialty doors are the one-of-a-kind products that make your kitchen stand out. 

There are three types of specialty doors – fluted, slat, and slim shaker.

Custom Doors

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our team can likely adjust our existing door styles to get close. Contact our team with details about the door style you need to see if it’s something we can match.