Pricing for Cabinet Doors, Drawer Boxes, and Accessories

All pricing provided below is an estimated range. Prices can increase or decrease depending on which wood species, profiles, and other details you choose.

Due to the wide range of options available, it is hard to estimate a price range for any general product category. However, you can find more information about pricing on our product-specific pages.

If you are eligible for a contractor discount, apply your discount to the pricing below.

A Knotty Alder cabinet door with a medium brown stain.
A Vertical Grain Fir cabinet door with a clear lacquer finish.

Cabinet Door Pricing

All cabinet door pricing is per square foot. An average cabinet door is approximately 2.5 square feet.

Cabinet doors have a minimum cost that will vary depending on the style.

Drawer Boxes

The price range above is for a drawer box 16" wide by 21.0625" deep by 8 3/16" high.

A dovetail drawer box.
custom-finishing (1)


Accessories don't have an estimated price range because there is such a wide range of products under this category and no limit to what you can ask for.

To get a quote on your custom project, contact our team and provide them with a picture or drawing of what you want.

An orange forklift with a pallet on the forks.

Shipping Costs

The shipping cost is covered if your order is shipping to one of our standard locations and is over $1000 subtotal. You will receive a separate invoice for any accessorial charges applied to your shipment.

Download and read our shipping policy for more information and a list of standard shipping locations.