Cost of solid wood shaker style cabinet doors at Cutting Edge

What are solid wood shaker style cabinet doors? Can you afford them? Read this article to find pricing and learn what affects the cost.

A variety of shaker style cabinet doors.

Although many components go into a kitchen, like appliances, countertops, hardware and more, cabinet doors play a major part in determining the overall style.

Should you choose raised panel doors? Slab doors? MDF doors? Thermofoil doors? Or shaker style doors?

Over the last ten years, shaker style cabinet doors have become increasingly popular, thanks to the many variations available. 

One of those variations is solid wood. However, solid wood doors are more expensive than most other options. Thus, you need to have the budget to support this choice.

At Cutting Edge, we produce and sell both solid wood and plywood shaker style doors. We understand what goes into them and what affects the cost.

So, if you’re trying to decide whether you can afford this upgrade, this is a great place to start. In this article, you will learn:

Cost of solid wood shaker style cabinet doors

Before we dive into the pricing, there are three pieces of information you need to understand:

  1. All pricing in this article is retail pricing, so if you are eligible for a contractor discount, apply that discount for accurate pricing.
  2. We provide a square foot price because you can order cabinet doors in any size you need. Simply calculate the square footage (or area) of your cabinet door. Then, multiply that by the square foot price to determine your door cost.

Each option has a minimum price per piece because the doors take a minimum amount of material and labour to produce.

An infographic showing how to calculate square footage of a cabinet door.

Thanks to the many options you can choose from, it is impossible to provide pricing for each option. However, here’s the pricing for the popular options.

Wood Type Minimum Price per Piece Square Foot Price
Rustic Alder $51.71 $34.47
Alder $55.09 $36.72
Hickory $65.62 $43.74
Rustic Hickory $65.85 $43.90
Maple $69.58 $46.38
Rift Cut White Oak $124.20 $82.80

What are solid wood shaker style cabinet doors?

Solid wood shaker style cabinet doors have two distinctive features. First, they only have solid wood materials; we don’t use plywood or composite materials. And second, they have a flat-fronted centre panel. These two features must exist for the cabinet door to be considered a solid wood shaker style door.

An infographic showing the parts of solid wood shaker style cabinet doors.

Now you are probably thinking, ‘Do all the doors in this style look the same?’

The answer is no. You can choose from many profiles and add custom details to adjust the appearance of the outer frame of shaker style cabinet doors. Simply changing the inside and outside profiles affects the appearance of your cabinet doors.

Here’s a couple of examples. The door on the left is a traditional shaker style door. The door in the middle has a bevel inside profile. Finally, the door on the right has a stepped shaker profile. However, because the centre panel of each door is flat, they are all shaker style doors.

Three shaker style cabinet doors. From left to right - a dark grey shaker style door, a dark brown bevelled door, and a light grey stepped shaker door.

Options included in the cost of solid wood shaker style cabinet doors

Pricing for solid wood shaker style cabinet doors from Cutting Edge includes four options.

1. The wood type you select

The price includes the wood type you select. There are no extra fees added if we use more material than expected.

However, the price will change if you change the wood type or grade.

2. Outer frame at 2.25” (57.2mm) wide

At Cutting Edge, the standard width of the stiles and rails used in the outer frames is 2.25” or 57.2mm.

We have a standard width set because changing stile and rail widths requires changing multiple machines. You can customize these widths for a price.

An infographic showing how to measure stile and rail widths.

3. Solid wood centre panel

When you order a solid wood shaker style cabinet door, you can be confident that it is solid wood. We don’t use composite materials like MDF or plywood in these cabinet doors.

4. Doors come ready to finish

When you receive your cabinet doors, they are ready to finish. That said, we still recommend you take about 1-2 minutes per door to do a quick inspection and scuff sand to remove any marks that occurred during packing, transit and unpacking.

Factors that increase the cost of solid wood shaker style doors

Next, let’s take a quick look at four options not included in the pricing and how these options affect the cost.

1. Hinge drilling

Before you install your cabinet doors, you need holes drilled in the back for the hinges. As standard, cabinet doors from Cutting Edge are not pre-drilled for hinges because most customers prefer to complete the hinge drilling themselves, for simplicity’s sake.

There is such a wide range of hinge types available and so many hinge location options that it is often more complicated to communicate the hinge drilling requirements than to complete the hinge drilling on-site.

If you request hinge drilling, your cabinet door cost will increase by $1 per hinge hole. Most cabinet doors require two hinge holes; in this case, your price is $2 higher per door.

2. Finishing

Cabinet doors also need a finish. You may want a clear lacquer finish, a stain and lacquer finish, or a painted finish.

Cabinet doors from Cutting Edge come unfinished unless you specifically request our team apply a finish.

The pricing varies depending on the finish type you select. A clear lacquer finish adds about $13.20 per square foot, while a painted finish adds about $27.25 per square foot. 

3. Custom or oversized stile and rail widths

As you’ve already learned, the standard stile and rail width is 2.25”. The pricing provided does not allow for custom or oversized stile and rail widths. Custom stile and rail widths are anything other than 2.25” (57.2mm) but less than 4” (101.6mm). Oversized stiles and rails are 4” (101.6mm) or wider. 

So what’s the difference?

Lumber usually comes in boards between 4-6” wide. We can still cut custom stile and rail widths out of one board. However, oversized stiles and rails take extra labour and material. Our team must glue two boards together to get a piece wide enough for oversized stiles and rails. 

Custom stile and rail widths cost about $1 more per square foot. Oversized stile and rail widths are an extra $25 each.

4. Custom details

Last but not least – the pricing does not include custom details. Custom details include mullion frames, decorative end panels, range hoods, and more.

From left to right: a mullion frame, a decorative panel, and a range hood.

The price increase depends on the complexity of the custom detail. For example, a simple decorative end panel might only cost $25 extra. On the other hand, a more detailed end panel could cost an additional $75 or more.

Factor Description Price Increase
Hinge drilling Pre-drilled holes for hinges $1 per hinge hole
Finishing Any finish type applied by the Cutting Edge team At least $19.80 per piece
Custom stile and rail widths Stiles and rails widths other than 2.25”, but less than 4” At least $1.50 per piece
Oversized stile and rail widths Stile and rail widths 4” or wider $25 per piece
Custom details Any custom requests, like mullion frames, decorative pieces, range hoods, etc. At least $25 per piece

Price out your solid wood shaker style cabinet doors

When it comes to a kitchen renovation or project, your budget has the final say. It determines what upgrades you can or cannot afford.

So, before you make a firm decision, it’s important to know how much that choice will cost. The price is especially important now, with rising costs.

Now that Cutting Edge has empowered you to make this decision, it’s time for you to take the next step. Sign in to our online ordering system and get an exact price for your cabinet doors.