Cost of shaker style doors from Cutting Edge

Do you need pricing for shaker style cabinet doors? Read this article to find pricing for some common options and learn what factors affect the cost.

A variety of shaker style cabinet doors.

Cost plays a major role when you decide which cabinet door you want to order. However, you may find it difficult to get pricing for cabinet doors because of the lack of information online.

How can you get pricing for shaker style doors from Cutting Edge? Do you have to contact our team to get pricing? 

Our team understands that you are busy and may not have the time to call in to confirm pricing. We also understand that pricing cabinet doors is a complex task.

Therefore, in this article you will learn:

  • Pricing for shaker style doors in popular wood types
  • Factors that affect the pricing

The first half of the article covers the cost of shaker style doors in common wood types and explains some attributes of each wood type. In the second half of the article, you will learn about additional factors that contribute to the cabinet door cost.

Cost of shaker style doors in common woods

While it would be difficult to provide pricing for all the wood types you could order shaker style cabinet doors in, we can provide pricing for some of the most common selections.

In addition, you will learn about some common features of each wood type.

Remember that in this article, we provide retail pricing. If you have a contractor discount, apply it to the pricing. For the most up-to-date pricing, sign in to Cutting Edge’s online ordering platform and enter the door style you need pricing for.

Also, all the prices are per square foot unless otherwise noted.

An infographic showing how to calculate square footage of a cabinet door.

One further note before we dig into the pricing – these prices are for raw cabinet doors, without hinge drilling or any other additional options added.

Cost of paint grade shaker style doors - $32.25/piece

Paint grade shaker style cabinet doors cost $21.50 per square foot. Now, at Cutting Edge, each door is priced as if it is at least 1.5 square feet because each piece takes a minimum amount of time and material to process. Therefore, the minimum price per piece is $32.25. 

Attributes of Paint Grade cabinet doors

Paint grade shaker style cabinet doors have been popular for a long time. They are a timeless and classic cabinet door choice. 

At Cutting Edge, our paint grade grade cabinet doors have Maple stiles and rails and an MDF centre panel. The Maple stiles and rails are durable; because Maple is a hardwood, it is harder to dent or crack.

The MDF centre panel takes a painted finish well and is very stable; in comparison, a Maple plywood panel can be rough or fuzzy after painting.

However, painted cabinet doors can have ‘hairline’ cracks that show up at the stile and rail joints as the wood moves over time. 

Paint Grade shaker style doors are the least expensive of the common options because our team does not have to choose wood that looks nice; it gets covered by the painted finish.

Paint grade shaker style cabinet doors have an MDF centre panel.

Cost of Maple shaker style doors - $36.69/piece

Maple shaker style cabinet doors cost $24.46 per square foot; the minimum price per piece is $36.69.

Attributes of Maple cabinet doors

Maple is a very consistent wood with a minimum of colour variation. It is a hardwood, which makes it durable and ideal for high-use environments. For example, we would recommend Maple cabinet doors for a family with children, where the cabinet doors might suffer some abuse.

Even though Maple is a very durable hardwood, it is readily available, which keeps the price moderate.

A Maple shaker style cabinet door with a plywood center panel.

Cost of Alder shaker style doors - $37.64/piece

Shaker style cabinet doors in Alder cost $25.09 per square foot; the minimum price per piece is $37.64.

Attributes of Alder cabinet doors

Alder is a beautiful wood with rich reddish-brown undertones and distinctive grain patterns. It takes stained finishes very well. Alder works well in a cozy, cottage-style kitchen, where the room should feel warm and accepting.

Although Alder is also a very soft wood, which should mean the price is lower, Alder plywood panels are more expensive than Maple plywood panels. This causes Alder shaker style doors to be more expensive than Maple shaker style doors.

An Alder cabinet door with a plywood center panel.

Cost of Hickory shaker style doors - $39.94/piece

Hickory shaker style cabinet doors cost $26.62 per square foot; the minimum price per piece is $39.94.

Attributes of Hickory cabinet doors

If you like the natural characteristics of wood, Hickory is an excellent choice. With a wide range of colour variations (from cream to black, with honey-yellow mid-tones), Hickory is distinctive. Hickory is also a hardwood, like Maple, making it a durable choice. Because of this prized durability, hickory tends to be a more expensive wood. 

A heart Hickory cabinet door with a solid wood center panel.

Factors that affect the cost of shaker style doors

Many factors affect the cost of shaker style cabinet doors. The wood species, stile and rail widths, finish type, and custom details all affect the price.

Furthermore, two factors unrelated to the cabinet door also affect the cost: your contractor discount and shipping costs.

Wood species

The wood species you select affects the cost of your cabinet doors more than any other factor.

Supply and demand combined with the hardness of the wood generally determines how expensive a wood type is. 

For example, Maple is a hardwood that is in high demand. However, Maple is readily available, which places it in the middle of the price range.

In comparison, Walnut is not as hard as Maple. However, high demand and low supply take Walnut to the high end of the price range.

An infographic showing the relationship between price, hardness, popularity and availability of wood.

The wood grade you choose also affects the price. For instance, select grade cabinet doors are at least 20% more expensive than standard grade cabinet doors in the same wood species.

An infographic showing the difference between standard and select material grades.

Stile and rail widths

Stile and rail widths (the width of the outer frame of the cabinet door) also affect the price. At Cutting Edge, our standard stile and rail width is 2.25” or 57.15mm. 

If you select a different stile and rail width, the price increases by about $1 per square foot.

An infographic showing how to measure stile and rail widths.

Finish type

In addition to the other factors you have already learned about, the finish type also affects the cost of your cabinet doors.

You can order raw cabinet doors, in which case you need to apply a finish before you can install the cabinet doors.

Or, you can ask our team to finish the cabinet doors for you. You can choose from a clear lacquer finish, stain and lacquer finish, painted finish, or a custom finish.

  • Clear lacquer finishes increase the cost by about $13.20 per square foot
  • Stain and lacquer finishes increase the cost by about $19.20 per square foot.
  • Painted finishes increase the cost by about $27.25 per square foot
  • Custom finishes increase the cost by at least $31.12 per square foot
5 Maple doors. From left to right, a clear lacquer finish, a light stain finish, a medium stain finish, a dark stain finish, and a painted finish.

Custom components and details

As long as you order basic shaker style cabinet doors, your price will not change. However, your price will increase if you add custom details or custom components.

Some examples of custom components and details are mullion frames, decorative end panels, range hoods, and more.

A variety of custom pieces - from left to right, a wide-bottom rail panel, a mullion frame, and a custom range hood.

Contractor discounts

All the pricing in this article is retail. If you work with Cutting Edge as a contractor, you are eligible for contractor discounts.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are another factor you should account for when pricing out your job. Small orders might only cost $20 to ship via Purolator. However, larger orders cost at least $150 to ship.

At Cutting Edge, we cover most shipping costs once your order subtotal is over $1000. However, if you are unsure how much your order will cost to ship, you should contact our team.

Final thoughts

When it comes to pricing out cabinet doors, we have all experienced the frustration of not finding helpful information online. This is especially true in the cabinet door market, where so many factors affect the pricing.

Now that you have some basic pricing and understand what factors affect the pricing from Cutting Edge, it’s time for you to price out your order and get exact and current pricing.