Pricing your cabinet doors from Cutting Edge

Do you need pricing for cabinet doors, but aren’t sure where to start? Read this article to learn how to place your quote using Cutting Edge’s online system.

A desk with two screens that have Cutting Edge's online ordering system open on them.

You are probably reading this article because you need pricing for a job. However, if you need the price in less than 24 hours, our team may not have the pricing back to you soon enough. Maybe your customer needs pricing right away, or you need the price before you leave at the end of the day, and you simply can’t wait for our team to price out your quote.

What if you didn’t have to send our team a door list to get pricing? What if you could enter your quote and get pricing immediately?

We have good news for you: you can!

We understand that waiting for pricing on a job is frustrating when that quote is a high priority to you. So, our team wants to help you save time by teaching you how to get your pricing.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to enter your quote using our online ordering system.
  2. How to view and print a copy of your quote.
  3. How to get a square foot price.
  4. When you might need to contact our team for help with your quote.

Ready? Let’s get started!

8 steps to get pricing for cabinet doors from Cutting Edge

There are three main benefits to entering your quote using our online ordering system: 

  • the cabinet door pricing is always accurate and current, 
  • you get the pricing immediately;
  • and you don’t have to write down a door list.

While entering your first quote will feel overwhelming, remember these two things: 

  1. Clicking ‘Save’ does not submit your order; it only saves your information as a quote.
  2. You can always call or email our team for help if you get stuck – or click the messages icon at the bottom left of your page to start a chat with our team.
A screenshot of Cutting Edge's online ordering platform with an arrow pointing to the chat icon.

Continue reading to learn how to submit your quote in 8 easy steps!

1. Sign in

Your first step is to sign in to our ordering platform. Don’t have access to your customer account? Request access now!

A screenshot of Cutting Edge's online ordering system with the sign-in popup circled.

2. Create a new order

I know this sounds scary – but creating a new order is the same as creating a quote. What you click when you want to save your quote makes the difference – if you only want a quote, make sure to click ‘Save’ when you finish. If you want to submit your order, click ‘Submit Order.’

To create a new order, hover over the ‘Orders’ menu item at the top left of your page, then select ‘Add Order’.

A screenshot of Cutting Edge's online ordering system with an arrow pointing to Add Order.

3. Choose your product category

Selecting ‘Add Order’ will load a page that looks like this one:

A screenshot showing the category selection for pricing for cabinet doors.

Pick the general category the door style you want falls under. In the example pictures, we enter a Maple shaker-style (plywood panel) door. We start by selecting the ‘Wood’ category for this door style.

If you aren’t sure where to start, try searching for the product name in the product search bar:

A screenshot of the ordering platform with an arrow pointing to the products search bar.

Once you select a category, additional options will open up. To get to shaker-style doors, we follow these steps:

  1. Wood
  2. Doors
  3. Plywood Panel Doors

4. Choose your product specifications

After three or four selections, you will arrive at a page where you can enter your product specifications; by this, we mean the page where you choose your wood species, profiles, and other design options.

Work your way through all the options until each box has something selected. At this point, leaving an entry box empty will cause an error.

Again, we selected all the profile options for a traditional shaker-style Maple cabinet door.

5. Enter your quantities and sizes

Now, enter all your quantities and door sizes. If you run out of lines, click on ‘Add Rows’.

A screenshot of Cutting Edge's online ordering system with an arrow pointing to Add Rows.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have entered all the pieces on your quote.

Underneath your door sizes, you will find the same category selection you started with. To add new products, start at step 3 with the new category.

A screenshot of Cutting Edge's online ordering system showing where to find the product categories.

Once you have all your products entered, move on to step 7.

7. Enter your order information

Enter your order information using the black sidebar at the right-hand side of your page.

A screenshot of Cutting Edge's ordering system with an arrow pointing to the black sidebar.

You need to provide the following information:

  1. Order name
  2. Billing address
  3. Shipping address

The rest of the entry options are optional; for example, you can add notes about your order in the ‘Description’ box.

8. Save changes

Once you have entered all your quote information, click ‘Save’ at the bottom right-hand side.

At this point, the ordering page will reload. When it opens back up, your quote will have a bid number at the top right-hand side of the page.

If your order will not save, call us at 1-800-267-6662 for help with your quote.

How to view your quote on Cutting Edge’s ordering system

Now that you have entered your quote, you might want to view your quote file and print a paper copy. Keep reading to learn how!

1. Save changes

Click ‘Save’ to make sure your quote is up-to-date.

2. Go to ‘Part Lists’ at the top of the page

Once your page has loaded, hover over ‘Part Lists’ below the banner images. Then, click on ‘Quote’ (if you want the imperial version) or ‘Quote – Metric’ for the metric version.

A screenshot showing how to view the pricing for cabinet doors on a Cutting Edge quote page.

3. If you want to print your quote, click Printable PDF

In the right-hand sidebar there is an option to print your quote – click ‘Printable PDF’. Or, email yourself a copy by clicking ‘Email’.

How to get square foot pricing for cabinet doors from Cutting Edge

Your job is much simpler if you want a price per square foot for cabinet doors. Simply follow steps one through four. Then, enter one piece at 12” wide by 18” high. For those who use metric measurements, that works out to 304.8mm wide by 457.2mm high.

Take the price for that piece and divide it by 1.5, which is the square footage of a 12” by 18” cabinet door. That gives you your square foot price.

Now, enter a 12” by 12” (304.8mm by 304.8mm) door to test the minimum square footage of the product line. Most products have the pricing minimum set at 1.5 square feet, which is why we recommend you start with a 12” by 18” cabinet door. 

An infographic showing how to calculate square footage of a cabinet door.

4 times you should ask the Cutting Edge team to check your online quote

Our online ordering system is not perfect; sometimes, it underestimates shipping costs or does not know when a product you entered takes extra work. If your order fits under one of these four scenarios, you should ask our team to ensure your quote is accurate.

You have custom pieces or details on your quote

Ask our team to review the pricing if you have any custom pieces or products on your quote. Most custom products require additional labour and thus have additional fees.

Your shipping location is not one of our standard destinations

If your shipping location is not one of our standard destinations, our online ordering system can not quote shipping costs accurately. You must contact our team for an accurate estimate of shipping costs.

Your quote is for sample or showroom doors

We offer discounts for showroom and sample doors. Our online ordering system can not tell when your cabinet doors are for a showroom or sample display, so let our team know; we will apply the discount for you.

The cabinet door pricing does not load

If the pricing does not load, you may have an error on your order. Contact our team so we can help you pinpoint the issue.

Save time; use our ordering system to get pricing for cabinet doors

Before you read this article, you relied on our team to enter your quotes for you. While this worked well, you had to wait for our team to enter your quote and send the pricing back to you. 

Now the control is back in your hands; you can easily sign on to our online ordering platform and find the pricing for cabinet doors.

Now that you know how, go ahead and enter your quotes. Get the pricing immediately, and save yourself time!