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Do you have a quote ready to submit? Read this article to learn about cabinet door quote guarantees from Cutting Edge, what the pros and cons are, and more.

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With the volatile market causing rapid price fluctuations, quoting your customer’s kitchen cabinet doors may seem risky.

What if the price changes between when you quote and order the cabinet doors?

At Cutting Edge, we understand that you and your customer need an idea of how much the kitchen cabinet doors will cost. Therefore, we created what we call a cabinet door quote guarantee. While market fluctuations can affect pricing with little to no notice, we can lock in pricing on most products for a specific time range.

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What is a Cutting Edge cabinet door quote guarantee?

Quote guarantees lock-in pricing on a quote for a specific amount of time, in our case 30 days. Cabinet door quote guarantees let you quote a kitchen renovation several weeks before you place the order. You can use a quote guarantee as an incentive to have an order confirmed sooner. 

How to get a 30-day quote guarantee

To get a quote guarantee, you must first submit your quote. Your quote does not have guaranteed pricing until it is in our system. 

Once your quote is in our system, you can ask our team to ensure the quote is guaranteed. Either fill out a quote guarantee confirmation request or email the order entry team at 

Or, you can ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Does my quote have any custom products? 
  2. Does my quote have any special order materials?

If you answer both of these questions with a NO, we guarantee your quote for 30 days. If you answer either of these questions with a YES, your quote is not guaranteed.

Once you have determined if your quote is eligible for a quote guarantee, you should keep a copy of the original quote on file. Quotes in our system automatically update with new pricing as needed; you cannot rely on the system to hold the price.

An infographic showing how to save a copy of your quote from Cutting Edge.

When you are ready to place your order, notify our team that you want to proceed with the guaranteed quote and send in your copy of the original quote along with the order information. Our team will ensure that we match the guaranteed pricing on your order.

Cutting Edge offers quote guarantees for most cabinet door styles

Currently, our team can offer quote guarantees for most of our kitchen cabinet doors. We keep enough lumber in stock to limit the immediate effect of price increases. In addition, we can often work with our suppliers to get guaranteed pricing for the raw materials we need for your kitchen cabinet doors.

The key to offering cabinet door quote guarantees is minimizing potential price increases; the best way for us to achieve that is to keep the material in stock. However, there is no way to stock every material our customers might order; thus, there are still times when quote guarantees are not available.

Quote guarantees are not available for some products

Some products do not have the option of a quote guarantee. Usually, this is because the raw materials we need for that product are custom, special-order, or frequently change price. These include custom products or products that require special order materials

Custom products

Cutting Edge can not guarantee pricing for custom products like range hoods, butcher blocks and other custom requests. Custom products tend to need custom materials that we do not stock. For example, butcher blocks need thick lumber – about 1.75” thick compared to the 1” thick lumber we keep in stock for kitchen cabinet doors. 

When we do not stock the material, the cost may change without notice.

Products that need custom materials do not have a cabinet door quote guarantee option.

Special-order materials

By definition, special-order materials are not stock items; therefore, quote guarantees are not available. 

In addition, special-order materials often change prices due to high demand and low availability.

Some examples of special-order materials are rare wood types (like Rustic Red Oak or Teak), ⅝” or ¾” sheet goods in low-demand wood types (like Pine or Knotty Hickory), or any other material that we do not keep in stock.

Pros and cons of a cabinet door quote guarantee

It’s time for a deeper dive into cabinet door quote guarantees! Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros of quote guarantees

Cabinet door quote guarantees have some major benefits.

  1. They allow you to lock in your pricing 30 days before placing your order.
  2. You can use quote guarantees as an incentive.
  3. They remove the risk of unexpected price increases.

Cons of quote guarantees

Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks to cabinet door quote guarantees.

  1. You must select a door style and submit a door list before requesting a quote guarantee.
  2. Quote guarantees only last for 30 days.
  3. If the door style or wood species changes, your quote guarantee is no longer applicable.

Learn how to submit your quote and lock in the pricing

When you started reading this article, you wanted information about quote guarantees.

Now, you understand what quote guarantees are. You know the pros and cons of quote guarantees and how to ensure your quote is eligible for a quote guarantee.

What next? You must submit your quote to lock in the pricing! Learn how to submit your quote.

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