Cost of box joint drawer boxes from Cutting Edge

Box joint drawer boxes can cost between $70 per box to over $200 per box. Learn more about what affects the price of box joint drawer boxes.

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If you opened this article, it’s safe to assume you are considering purchasing box joint drawer boxes. But first, you need to know how much they cost, right?

At Cutting Edge, we want our pricing to be as transparent and easy to access as possible. Because we make and sell box joint drawers, we know how much they cost and understand what affects the pricing.

In this article, you will learn:

Cost of several box joint drawer box options

When it comes to box joint drawer boxes, there are many options you can choose from. Each of those options affects the cost. 

While we can’t get you pricing in this article for every available option, we can get you pricing for some common options. And, you can always sign in to our online ordering system for accurate pricing on products not included in this list.

In addition, our team prices drawer boxes based on the actual material we used; therefore, we don’t have a cubic footage price or a square foot price. Instead, all the prices in this article are for a drawer box that is 16” wide by 21.0625” deep and 8 3/16” high, which is an average drawer box size. Contractor discounts do not apply to these prices.

Natural Birch - $72.78 per box

Natural Birch is a hardwood. The wood ranges in colour from white to brown, with yellowish mid-tones. Natural Birch is a beautiful wood; the colour variation provides a unique appearance.

You can order box joint drawer boxes in Natural Birch, which ranges from white to brown in colour.

Maple - $74.29 per box

Maple is one of the hardest woods available; it stands up well to wear and tear. It is difficult to dent, chip, or scratch Maple wood. 

You can order box joint drawer boxes in Maple, which is a hardwood.

Rift Cut White Oak - $164.54 per box

Of the options in this list, Rift Cut White Oak is the most expensive. While it isn’t as hard as Maple, it is still durable. However, Rift Cut White Oak drawer boxes are much more expensive than the other options due to the high demand for and low availability of the wood.

Rift Cut White Oak has a straight and linear grain pattern and can range in colour from slightly pinkish to light brown.

You can order box joint drawer boxes in Rift Cut White Oak, which is an expensive hardwood.

Standard features of box joint drawer boxes from Cutting Edge

Pricing is only so helpful when you don’t know what the price includes. So, let’s look at Cutting Edge’s standard options for box joint drawer boxes.

Box joint drawer boxes have a distinctive box joint visible from the front and sides of the drawer box like the drawer box shown.

15mm solid wood sides

Typically, we use solid wood for the sides of box joint drawer boxes. Solid wood provides extra durability compared to veneers or plywood. For example, denting or chipping a solid wood side will expose more solid wood. On the other hand, if you dent or chip a veneer or plywood side, it may expose the core of the material which can be a different grain direction, wood species, or even a composite material like MDF.

The sides of the drawer boxes are 15mm thick. While the side thickness doesn’t affect the exterior dimensions of drawer boxes, it does impact the interior dimensions.

Box joint drawer boxes from Cutting Edge have 15mm thick sides.

⅜” Birch plywood base, prefinished

At Cutting Edge, our drawer boxes get a ⅜” Birch plywood base that is prefinished. There is a reason for this choice.

Usually, bases are either ¼”, ⅜”, or ½” thick. We use ⅜” bases because they support more weight than ¼” material, but are not as expensive as ½” material.

Using a prefinished Birch base helps reduce labour when you finish the drawer boxes because you don’t have to try to get a consistent coat of lacquer on the bases.

Cutting Edge's drawer boxes come with a 3/8" prefinished Birch base.

Raw (unfinished) drawer boxes

Our team leaves the drawer box unfinished, except for the base (which is a prefinished material). This means you will have to apply a finish to the drawer boxes before you can install them.

Broken edges

As standard, our team breaks (sands smooth) any sharp edges on the drawer boxes before we ship them to you. However, wood can still splinter, so you should always handle drawer boxes with care. We recommend you wear gloves to protect yourself whenever handling wood products.

Notches front and back for Blum Movento slides

When you order drawer boxes, our team cuts notches along the bottom edges of the front and back to allow for the slide hardware.

Our standard notching pattern works with Blum Movento slides.

Factors that affect the cost of box joint drawer boxes

As you can see, there are a lot of details that go into box joint drawer boxes. But how do those details affect the cost?

What increases the price?

First, let’s look at what details cause the price to increase.

Wood species (sides and bases)

Of all the options that affect the cost of box joint drawer boxes, the wood species you select affects the price the most.

Generally speaking, softer woods cost less than hardwoods. However, as in the case of woods like Rift Cut White Oak, high demand and low availability can also significantly increase the price.

½” base thickness

The base thickness also affects the cost. Our standard ⅜” prefinished Birch base is a mid-price option. Choosing a ½” base will increase the durability and price of the drawer box. Consider selecting a thicker base if you need to store heavy items like a stand mixer in a drawer.

Finish type

You can choose from a variety of finishes – from an oiled finish to a clear lacquer finish to even a stained finish. Each finish type will affect the cost. For example, a clear lacquer finish (the most popular option) increases the cost of your box joint drawer boxes by about $12.

Custom accessories and options

You could also choose to customize your box joint drawer box. There are three common customizations:

1. Custom shape

Sometimes, box joint drawer boxes need to fit inside a specific space. While the standard drawer box shape is rectangular, you could order an angled drawer box. Another common option is a U-shaped drawer box that fits around plumbing in a cabinet. Custom-shaped drawer boxes cost at least $50 extra per piece, depending on the complexity of the shape.

2. Hand scoops

Because box joint drawer boxes work well in open cabinet designs, they often need hand scoops to replace the unnecessary handles. Adding a hand scoop to the front of your drawer box adds about $10 per box.

3. Locking hardware

You could also choose to have our team add locking devices to your box joint drawer boxes. Locking hardware makes installing your drawer boxes easier. Adding locking devices increases the cost by $7 per box.

Factors that decrease the cost of box joint drawer boxes

Because we have standard options set for box joint drawers, two choices can decrease the cost.

¼” base thickness

As standard, we use a ⅜” base. Thus, choosing a ¼” base can reduce the cost, depending on the wood species you select. However, thinner bases reduce how much weight your drawer box can hold. You could choose a thinner base for small drawers or drawers holding  light items.


Because we notch drawer boxes as standard, we included that price in the pricing earlier in this article. However, requesting unnotched drawer boxes decreases the cost by about $6 per box.  

Price out your box joint drawer boxes

When it comes to making a purchase, you want to know how much it’s going to cost. This is especially true for expensive purchases, like box joint drawer boxes and other kitchen components.

While you might not have found the exact pricing you were looking for, you now have an idea of what your drawer boxes might cost. As well, you understand what affects the cost of box joint drawer boxes from Cutting Edge. 

So what next? It’s time for you to get pricing for exactly what you need. Sign in to our online ordering system and price out your dovetail drawer boxes