How much do dovetail drawer boxes cost from Cutting Edge?

Need pricing for dovetail drawer boxes? Cutting Edge sells custom-sized drawer boxes; choose from many wood species and custom options.

Two natural birch dovetail drawer boxes in a light grey cabinet.

When it comes to kitchen components, dovetail drawer boxes are one of the most difficult components to find information about. 

And when you need to price out a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation, you need pricing for all the components, including dovetail drawer boxes. Without pricing, you can’t accurately quote your customer. So, you either have to contact a supplier and wait for a price quote or take a guess at the pricing – neither of which are ideal options.

While dovetail drawer boxes are a complex product, and pricing varies for many reasons, at Cutting Edge Doors & Woodworking, we understand that you need a price.

So, in this article, you will find:

Cost of common dovetail drawer box styles

There are many dovetail drawer box options out there. Because drawer boxes have many customizable options, like the wood species, finish type, base thickness, and more, you will not find pricing for all the drawer box styles you could choose from.

In addition, our team prices drawer boxes based on the actual material we used, which means we don’t have a cubic footage price or a square foot price. So, all the prices provided in this article are for a drawer box at 16” wide by 21.0625” deep and 8 3/16” high, which is an average drawer box size. Contractor discounts do not apply to the pricing at this time.

There are four common dovetail drawer box styles that we can provide pricing for:

1. Birch plywood - $42.44 per box

Birch plywood dovetail drawer boxes are popular because they are the most cost-effective option. 

2. Soft Maple solid wood - $62.05 per box

Soft Maple has more colour variation and is slightly softer than hard Maple, which means the price is lower.

3. Natural Birch solid wood - $72.78 per box

Natural Birch drawer boxes are another popular choice. Because Natural Birch is a hardwood, it holds up well for everyday use. In addition, it has a lot of natural colour variation that makes the drawer boxes stand out.

4. Hard Maple solid wood - $74.29 per box

Hard Maple drawer boxes are the most common choice. Maple is a hardwood, which means it stands up to use and doesn’t dent easily. However, Hard Maple is more expensive than the other options listed here because it is the hardest wood of these options.

Standard features of Cutting Edge’s dovetail drawer boxes

You have already learned what some common dovetail drawer box options cost. Now, what does that price include?

Dovetail drawer boxes from Cutting Edge have several standard features.

An infographic showing how dovetail drawer boxes are assembled.

Side thickness - 15mm

The drawer box sides are 15mm thick. While this might seem like a random dimension, our team uses 15mm sides because that is the thickness of the Birch plywood we use for Birch plywood drawer boxes. Using the same side thickness for all the dovetail drawer boxes makes your life easier because you do not have to second-guess the side thickness.

If you use the external dimensions of drawer boxes, the side thickness does not affect drawer box sizing. However, the side thickness does affect the internal sizing of drawer boxes. This can affect the storage space and what accessories (like drawer box organizers) can fit in the drawer boxes.

Cutting Edge's dovetail drawer boxes come with 15mm thick sides, fronts, and backs.

Base thickness & type - ⅜” prefinished Birch

Cutting Edge’s dovetail drawer boxes have a ⅜” thick prefinished Birch base unless you specifically request a different base.

We do this because ⅜” thick bases are more durable than ¼” thick bases and can support more weight. However, if your drawer box will hold heavy items, you might need a ½” thick base to support the weight.

Prefinished bases do not require additional finishing, which cuts down on finishing time. And, if you want to apply a clear lacquer finish over the prefinished base, you can – give the base a quick sand with 180-grit sandpaper, and it will accept a new layer of finish.

However, you should request an unfinished base if you plan to stain your drawer boxes. A prefinished Birch base will not accept a stain.

Cutting Edge's drawer boxes come with a 3/8" prefinished Birch base.

Finish type - raw

We do not apply any finishing to the exterior and interior sides of the drawer box unless you request finishing. As mentioned in the previous section, the standard base option comes prefinished.

Broken edges

As standard, our team breaks all the sharp edges on dovetail drawer boxes – including the top edges, the corners, and the exterior bottom edges. We do this because, after we machine wood or plywood, the edges are almost sharp enough to cut you. Breaking the sharp edges means we run a sanding block along those sharp edges to smooth them out.

You should always handle the drawer boxes carefully as wood can splinter, especially Birch plywood. Cutting Edge Doors & Woodworking is not liable for any injuries, such as splinters, that occur when working with our products. We recommend you wear gloves when handling wood products.

Notching for slides - front and back

At Cutting Edge, we notch all our drawer boxes for Blum Movento slides at the front and back. The notching includes a hole drilled into the side of the box, which holds the slide hardware in place. 

Although the hardware only needs a hole at the back, we use the same notching style at the front and back because the hole gets drilled while the notch is cut using the same machine. Turning off the hole drill requires a manual machine adjustment.

You can request notching for other slide types, like Blum Tandem or Grass Dynapro slides.

Factors that affect the price of dovetail drawer boxes

Many factors affect the cost of dovetail drawer boxes, from the wood type to the base thickness.

Side wood type

The wood type you select for the sides of your drawer boxes has a major impact on the cost. For example, a Birch plywood drawer box (16” by 21.0625” by 8.1875”) with Cutting Edge’s standard options costs $42.44 per box. Choosing Walnut sides (and leaving all the other selections the same) increases the cost to $115.71 per box.

There is a wide variety of wood types available for the sides of your dovetail drawer boxes – from Maple to Walnut, to White Oak, and more.

Base type

The base type also affects the price. While the wood species of the base affects the cost, other factors also affect the cost. 

At Cutting Edge, our standard base thickness is ⅜”. This is a mid-range option, in both price and durability. While a ¼” thick base may be less expensive, it will also hold less weight. Upgrading to a ½” thick base will increase the price but also increase how much weight the drawer box can hold. 

check the weight rating of your drawer box slides - some drawer box slides support less weight than others

Finish type

Ordering unfinished drawer boxes is less expensive than ordering prefinished drawer boxes. When you order unfinished drawer boxes, you have to finish the drawer boxes (for example, spray them with a clear lacquer finish or apply an oil finish) before you can install the drawer boxes. When you order finished drawer boxes, you only need to add the hardware before installing the drawer boxes.

Additional options & customizations

There are additional options or customizations you can add to your drawer boxes. For example, you can order a scooped-front drawer box that doesn’t need a drawer front added. You can order an angled drawer box to fit inside an angled cabinet or a U-shaped drawer box that fits around plumbing under a sink. Or, you can ask our team to include the locking hardware for the Blum slides.

Each customization increases the cost of your drawer boxes, depending on the complexity. Having our team install the locking devices adds about $7 per box. Adding a scoop to the front increases the cost by about $10 per box. Requesting a U-shaped drawer box increases the price by $50 per box. 

Price out your dovetail drawer boxes

When it comes to pricing out kitchen projects or renovations, you may need pricing for dovetail drawer boxes. We have all experienced frustration due to the lack of information online about dovetail drawer boxes. This is especially true if you are new to the cabinetry industry.

Now that you have some pricing and information about what affects the pricing from Cutting Edge, it’s time for you to go to our online ordering software and price out your dovetail drawer boxes.