Cost of an In-Drawer Knife Block from Cutting Edge

Looking for a unique knife storage option? Consider an in-drawer knife block. Prices start at $300 and increase depending on the size, wood type and more.

An in-drawer knife storage option in a black drawer box.

As a contractor, designer, or cabinet maker, your success hinges on attracting and retaining customers. In today’s crowded market, standing out is more challenging than ever. So, how can you make sure your designs are relevant, unique, and memorable? Because if they aren’t, there is no guarantee you will stay in business.

One way is to offer optimized storage spaces, a trend that is very popular in high-end and luxury kitchens. Unique storage solutions can quickly set you apart from the competition.

At Cutting Edge, we collaborate with thousands of companies and customers each year to create unique and customizable storage solutions – in-drawer knife blocks are one of those options.

Wondering if in-drawer knife blocks are affordable for your customers? Keep reading to learn:

Cost of in-drawer knife blocks - $300+ per piece

At Cutting Edge, the minimum cost of an in-drawer knife block is $300. Depending on the wood species, cost, quantity of knife slots, and finish type, the price will increase from theremore about those factors later!

So, what features do you get for that minimum price?

Standard features of in-drawer knife blocks from Cutting Edge

When you order a $300 knife block from Cutting Edge, you get an unfinished, solid wood knife block with 13 knife slots. We fasten the knife block to one end of a prefinished birch base and add a handle rest to the other end.

The entire insert is 16.375” wide, 1.625” thick, and at least 15” deep. You can customize any of these dimensions as needed to fit your design.

Maple knife block

The knife block is 16.375” wide, 1.25” thick, and at least 10” deep. We use Maple for our standard knife block because it is a durable hardwood.  

Maple handle rest

The handle rest is also Maple. Again, we prefer Maple for its durability – it stands up well to hard use.

Prefinished Birch base

Our standard in-drawer knife block has a ⅜” prefinished Birch base. The main purpose of the base is to hold the knife block and handle rest in place, apart from each other. 

13 knife slots

Our standard knife block has 13 knife slots, spaced 1 1/16” apart. The knife slots are ⅝” deep, 10” long and ⅛” wide.

While 13 knife slots might be overkill, it is common for people to have either multiple knives of one variety or a knife set with at least eight knives.

Having said that, you could reduce the quantity of knife slots if you want so the knife block will fit into a narrower drawer box.

Customizing your in-drawer knife block will increase the price

You can completely customize your in-drawer knife block. However, each customization will affect the price. Keep reading to learn about four common customizations.

1. Wood species

First and foremost is the wood species. Although Maple is durable and resists scratches and dents, it might not be the best option for your customer. 

If your customer wants to protect the blades of their knife, you might want to choose a softwood, like Alder or Pine. Softwoods will give way easier than hardwoods, minimizing the dulling effect of bumping a knife blade against the wood.

Alternatively, if your customer wants a more unique knife block, you might choose a distinctive wood species like Walnut or White Oak.

Even if the wood type you choose costs less than Maple, the minimum price is still $300. This minimum price covers the material cost, the time it takes to assemble the insert and the machining time.

Woods like Walnut and White Oak, which are more expensive, have a slightly higher minimum cost – $315 instead of $300.

An infographic showing the relationship between price, hardness, popularity and availability of wood.

2. Quantity of knife slots

Next is the quantity of knife slots. Are 13 slots not quite enough? Each additional knife slot adds 1.25” to the width, which uses more material. 

The cost increases by $5 per slot for every additional knife slot. For example, adding three more knife slots would increase the cost by $15.

3. Finishing

Do you want our team to look after the finishing to save you time? We can add a food-safe oil finish for $100.

4. Custom layouts

Is the standard layout not quite right for your customer? Do they want specific knife slots for specific knives? 

Our team must create a custom program if you or your customer wants a custom layout. Custom programs start at $50.

Three times that you should request a quote from our team

At this point, you might be asking yourself one of these questions: ‘Is this pricing always accurate? What if the wood species I want isn’t on that list? Should I ever ask your team for a quote?’

These are good questions. There are at least three times you should ask our team for a quote to ensure you provide your customer with an accurate price.

1. If your customer needs a custom layout

Custom layouts require custom programs because we cut the knife slots using a CNC. CNCs are automated machines that use pre-programmed computer software. We charge a minimum of $50 per custom program because, for each program, a team member has to create the coding and run a test piece to make sure it is accurate.

If the program and testing take more than 30 minutes, we charge $75 per hour. More complex programs may take more than an hour to complete, so it is a good idea to submit custom requests to our team for review to prevent unpleasant surprises.

2. If you want a wood species or finish that isn't discussed in this article

If you didn’t see the wood species or option you want in this article, contact our team. 

3. If you’re looking for a sample

And finally, contact our team if the in-drawer knife block you want to order is for your showroom. We offer up to 50% discounts for showroom sample pieces.

Get a price for your in-drawer knife block

To expand your business or simply stay competitive, you need to have unique kitchen designs. However, you must also be able to answer your customer questions like, ‘How much will this add to the cost?’

At Cutting Edge, we understand both of these needs. So, we’ve answered your basic pricing questions for in-drawer knife blocks. However, we also understand that there are always exceptions to these basic options. If you don’t see the pricing you need, contact our team for an exact quote.

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