Cost of NEXGEN cabinet doors in Tafisa Karisma colours

Are NEXGEN cabinet doors the product for you? Read this article to find pricing and options for NEXGEN doors from the Karisma collection.

A variety of NEXGEN cabinet doors; from left to right, a light brown, a grey, and a brown door.

We’ve all experienced the stress that comes with making an expensive purchase. What if you pick the wrong item? What if you spend all the money and end up stuck with a product you don’t use? 

But on the flip side, you often encounter a similar amount of stress when trying to make a cost-effective decision. You don’t want to spend any more money than you need to, but you also don’t want to purchase a low-quality option.

Purchasing cabinet doors is no different. The decision is not easy whether you choose expensive or inexpensive cabinet doors. Is there a low-cost option that isn’t going to fall apart within a year or two? How can you ensure you make the right choice?

Enter NEXGEN™ cabinet doors. 

At Cutting Edge, we produce and sell NEXGEN cabinet doors. While they aren’t perfect, they are a budget-friendly option that is good quality.

But how can you tell if they are the right price for you? Keep reading, and you will find:

But first, let’s take a quick look at what NEXGEN cabinet doors are.

NEXGEN™ cabinet doors are a pre-wrapped product

NEXGEN doors are a pre-wrapped product. The exterior wrap is typically a NEXGEN™ wrap developed and trademarked by Olon Industries Inc. in 2016.

Thanks to their MDF core, they are a stable and cost-effective option, while the wrap surrounding the MDF provides a durable finish similar in appearance to real wood doors.

An infographic showing how the MDF core of NEXGEN doors is wrapped by polyester and TFL.

NEXGEN cabinet doors have five pieces: two stiles, two rails, and a centre panel. Usually, the stile and rail material comes from Olon Industries Inc., while the centre panel comes from other suppliers.

An infographic showing the five components of NEXGEN doors.

However, Tafisa’s Karisma collection is the exception to this rule. Tafisa produces the stile, rail, and panel materials for this collection.

Thus, you could say that cabinet doors from the Karisma collection are not NEXGEN cabinet doors – and you would be technically correct.

However, the term NEXGEN cabinet doors is more loosely used in the cabinetry industry to describe pre-wrapped five-piece doors. The Karisma product falls into this category; therefore, we consider them NEXGEN doors.

Cost of NEXGEN cabinet doors from the Karisma collection - $52.54+

Because Tafisa produces the Karisma product line in-house, they can avoid the severely limiting minimum order quantities of Olon Industries Inc. products. 

Tafisa’s Karisma products are more expensive than other options to ensure they remain profitable. However, the much lower minimum order quantities (enough material for 20 pieces compared to 56 pieces) mean they are much easier to stock.

At Cutting Edge, we can provide cabinet doors in the 14 wood-grain options within the Karisma collection

In a moment, we’ll look at pricing for common cabinet door sizes. But first, let’s look at two details of the pricing:

1. Retail pricing

We used retail pricing in this article. If you are eligible for a contractor discount, apply that discount to the price for accurate pricing.

2. Pricing method

At Cutting Edge, we use a 1.5 square foot minimum because each cabinet door takes a minimum amount of time and materials. The square foot minimum means each door style has a minimum cost. Once you are over 1.5 square feet, multiply the cabinet door square footage (or area) by the square foot price to calculate pricing.

NEXGEN cabinet doors from the Karisma collection have a minimum price of $52.54 per piece. Once your cabinet door is over 1.5 square feet, the price per square foot is $35.03. You can see how this affects the pricing in the chart below.

Door Size Square Footage Price
12" by 6" 0.5 $52.54
12" by 12" 1.0 $52.54
12" by 24" 2.0 $70.06
12" by 36" 3.0 $105.08
18" by 36" 4.5 $157.63

Factors that affect the pricing of NEXGEN cabinet doors

Because NEXGEN cabinet doors are a pre-wrapped product, they are not customizable and have limited options. Therefore, only two factors affect the cost of NEXGEN doors.

1. Date of stock

At Cutting Edge, we base our cabinet door pricing on the material we have in stock at the time you place your order. With the rising costs of materials and labour, material costs are gradually increasing. Thus, if you order a material that we need to restock, the price may be slightly higher depending on the new cost of the product. 

Alternatively, if you order a material that we have had in stock for a while, the price might be slightly lower than the cost of other options.

Thanks to the wear- and fade-resistant qualities of the Karisma products, old stock looks just the same as new stock. There is no difference in appearance.

2. Shipping

Shipping can have a major impact on the cost of your order. Depending on the parcel’s weight, size, and destination, shipping a single cabinet door may cost at least $20.00 and can range up to over $200.00.

At Cutting Edge, we prepay the shipping costs for all orders. If your order is under $1000 subtotal, we pass the shipping charges on to you. Depending on your location, we may cover the shipping costs if your order is over $1000 subtotal. Download our shipping policy for more information.

Orders over 100 pieces are eligible for discounts

If your order of NEXGEN cabinet doors is more than 100 pieces your order is eligible for a 10% discount.

NEXGEN cabinet doors: a cost-effective option

When it comes to making a large purchase, like cabinet doors for your kitchen, making the right decision is stressful. How can you ensure you purchase the right cabinet door without breaking the bank?

Now that Cutting Edge has empowered you to determine if NEXGEN cabinet doors are an affordable option, it’s time for you to take the next step. Access our online ordering software for a quote on your NEXGEN cabinet doors.