Cost of NEXGEN cabinet doors in Velour Touch colours

Velour Touch NEXGEN cabinet doors are a cost-effective alternative to painted doors. But will they fit in your budget? Read this article to find pricing.

Three NEXGEN cabinet doors. From left to right, a white cabinet door, a light grey woodgrain cabinet door, and a cream cabinet door.

Painted cabinet doors are a popular option for kitchens. They provide a bright and consistent appearance to your kitchen, with none of the character or inconsistencies of stained wood doors. 

However, it’s no secret that painted doors are expensive. Although suppliers can use less expensive materials, the painted finish is more costly than other finish options. So, they might not be an option if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget.

Is there another option that isn’t low quality but is still affordable?

Enter Velour Touch™ NEXGEN™ cabinet doors.

At Cutting Edge, we produce and sell NEXGEN cabinet doors in several Velour Touch colours. Although they aren’t as expensive as painted cabinet doors, they are a high-quality alternative. 

However, that’s not enough information for you to make your decision. So, keep reading to learn:

But before we dive in, what are NEXGEN™ cabinet doors?

NEXGEN™ cabinet doors are a pre-wrapped product

NEXGEN™ is a wrapped product developed and trademarked by Olon Industries Inc. in 2016. Since then, the term NEXGEN cabinet doors has become a way to refer to pre-wrapped five-piece cabinet doors.

NEXGEN cabinet doors have an MDF core, which makes them stable and cost-effective. The wrap around the exterior of the MDF is a durable product that is fade- and wear-resistant.

An infographic showing how the MDF core of NEXGEN doors is wrapped by polyester and TFL.

Usually, NEXGEN doors mimic real wood doors with a textured and patterned wrap. However, Olon Industries Inc. has developed the Velour Touch™ collection with solid colour options. NEXGEN doors in Velour Touch colours look much like painted doors without requiring a painted finish.

Cost of Velour Touch NEXGEN cabinet doors - $37.21+ per piece

The Velour Touch collection has 12 colours in total. However, at Cutting Edge, we only stock three of those colours. In the chart below, you can see how pricing compares between those three colours in several cabinet door sizes.

Door Size Blue Chiffon Cotton Mist Jersey Fog
12" by 6" $38.47 $37.21 $38.47
12" by 12" $38.47 $37.21 $38.47
12" by 24" $51.29 $49.61 $51.29
12" by 36" $76.94 $74.42 $76.94
18" by 36" $115.41 $111.63 $115.41

So how does the pricing work?

1. Retail pricing

We based all prices in this article on retail pricing. If you have a contractor account with Cutting Edge, apply your contractor discount to this pricing.

2. Pricing method

At Cutting Edge, our cabinet doors have a minimum price per piece. However, a per-square-foot price applies once your cabinet door is over 1.5 square feet. To calculate the cost of a cabinet door over 1.5 square feet, calculate the square footage (area). Then, multiply that number by the square foot cost ($25.64 for Blue Chiffon, $24.80 for Cotton Mist, and $25.64 for Jersey Fog).

Factors that affect the cost of NEXGEN cabinet doors

Because NEXGEN cabinet doors are a pre-wrapped product, they have limited options. Thus, there are only three options that play into the cost.

Product type

Olon’s Velour Touch colours are a matte soft-touch solid colour with fingerprint resistance and extra scratch resistance compared to other NEXGEN products. 

Because of these extra benefits, Velour Touch cabinet doors are about $1 per square foot more expensive than other NEXGEN solid colour options. However, unlike the wood grain options, they aren’t patterned or as strongly textured. This lack of texture and detail means they are less expensive than wood grain options.

Date of stock

Due to the continuing rise of material and labour costs, the price of NEXGEN materials also continues to increase. Thus, older materials that have been in stock for a while are slightly less expensive than new materials.

However, thanks to the wear- and fade-resistance, old materials do not look different from new materials.

You can think of this in much the same way as last season’s clothing is going to be cheaper at the mall than this season’s clothing – but it doesn’t make them not perfectly good clothes!

Shipping costs

Shipping costs have a major impact on the cost of your cabinet door order. It can cost between $20 to over $200 to ship a single cabinet door, depending on the shipment size, weight and destination.

At Cutting Edge, we understand that the shipping costs can make the difference between purchasing or not purchasing a product. So, we cover the majority of shipping costs on any orders over $1000 subtotal.

if you order more than 100 NEXGEN cabinet doors at a time, our team will apply a 10% discount to your order.

Price out your NEXGEN cabinet doors

As we all know, staying within your budget is important when completing projects like kitchen renovations. However, it is equally important to avoid purchasing a low-quality product.

So, to help you make the best decision for your kitchen, we want to ensure you have all the information you need.

Now that you understand the basics of NEXGEN cabinet door pricing, you can take the next step. Use our online ordering software to price out your NEXGEN cabinet doors and ensure that you will remain within your budget.