Is My Cabinet Door Order from Cutting Edge In Progress?

Placing your first order with a new cabinet door supplier is stressful. Learn about Cutting Edge’s order statuses and how they can help you.

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While more Canadian customers want the option to order online, the process isn’t always as smooth and stress-free as you’d hope. When you place your first order at Cutting Edge, you might feel unsure about how everything works. Have you ordered the right product? Did the company actually get your order? Is it being processed? Do you need to take any further action?

When these questions go unanswered, it’s easy to feel stressed, especially when your money is already on the line.

As the woodworking and cabinetry industry moves online, we at Cutting Edge have teamed up with Allmoxy to simplify online ordering for you. Over the past two years, we’ve been developing and refining our system, and we’re committed to continuously updating it to make the ordering process as smooth as possible for you.

With our ordering platform, you can easily track the status of every order you have in progress. But that’s just the beginning. Keep reading to discover:

Let’s dive in and make your online ordering experience as hassle-free as possible!

There are seven order statuses for cabinet door orders at Cutting Edge

When you order from Cutting Edge, your cabinet door order will move through at least four of these seven order statuses – bid, ordered, verified, in progress, shipped, on hold, and void.

What do those statuses mean to you?

1. Bid

When your job is in the bid status, nothing will happen with it. Your job should be a bid if you only want a quote. 

If your order spends over a year as a bid, our team will assume you don’t need it and move it to void status. 

You can make changes, void, or order a bid – it’s up to you.

When is the bid status a problem?

Having an order in bid status is a problem when you want our team to build your cabinet doors or if you thought you had already submitted your order. When your order is a bid, our team won’t make your cabinet doors or even get material ready for your order.

To move your order out of bid status, open it and click ‘Submit Order’ at the bottom right. Once the system walks you through paying for the order, the status will change to ordered. 

If this doesn’t work and your order remains in the bid status, contact our team for assistance.

2. Ordered

Once you submit and pay for an order, the system automatically moves your job to the ordered status. At this point, our team will check your order to ensure no issues prevent us from producing it. When we complete this double-check, we either move it to the verified status or contact you for more information.

However, if our team submits an order on your behalf (if you email or call in an order), your order won’t move beyond the ordered status until you submit a signed confirmation and pay for the order.

You can make changes, void, or proceed with an order – the choice is yours! However, you no longer have control over your order status once it moves beyond the ordered status. After this, only our team can make changes to the status.

When is the ordered status a problem?

Having an order in the ordered status is a problem if you thought your order should already be in production. The ordered status indicates that our team needs confirmation, more information, or payment before we can proceed. Contact our team for assistance.

3. Verified

While your order is marked as verified, our team schedules it into the production queue. 

If you want to make changes at this point, you must contact our team. We can still make changes on your behalf.

When is the verified status a problem?

You might have a problem if your order stays in the verified status for more than one working day. Usually, orders move from verified to in progress by noon the next day. 

4. In Progress

Our in-progress status covers a wide range of possibilities. As soon as we lock your order into place in the production queue, we move it to in progress; the status won’t change again until your order ships. 

At this point, you receive an email notification with an estimated ship date for your order.

We may not be able to change your order once it is in progress. As soon as your order is in progress, we send paperwork and computer files to the production team. Once they begin producing the components, we can’t change those pieces. However, we can and will make the changes you need if the production team hasn’t started on your order.

When is the in-progress status a problem?

If your order passes the estimated ship date and the status still shows as in progress, you should contact our team. Our team is human, and we do make mistakes. We may have either missed updating the status or encountered an unexpected delay. In the latter case, we will notify you of the delay by email or phone. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get you your order when you need it.

5. Shipped

When your order status shows shipped, we have completed and shipped your order. Our team will provide you with a tracking number when your order ships.

When is the shipped status a problem?

If over a week has passed and you still haven’t received your order, you should let us know so we can check in on your shipment.

6. On Hold

Our team may move your order to the on-hold status at any point. This status can indicate we need additional stock, more information from you, or our production team needs details confirmed. However, we will always contact you to let you know if you need to provide anything.

When is the on-hold status a problem?

You should contact our team if your order remains on hold for more than 24 hours after you provide the requested information. It is likely that our team is still working to make the necessary changes – but it is a good idea to ensure we did receive the information!

7. Void

The void status means we deleted your order from our system. Usually, this happens to expired quotes (over a year old) or orders you asked our team to delete.

When is the void status a problem?

You should check in with our team if we have marked an order you need us to produce as void. 

Now, where can you find your order status?

Your cabinet door order status is visible online

You can find your order status in three quick steps.

  1. Sign in to your online account. If you haven’t used your online account until now, ask our team to create an account for you.
  2. Go to the Orders drop-down along the top menu, and choose Orders.
  3. Make sure you include all statuses in the filter along the right-hand sidebar. Each order has an order status on the right-hand side of the table.
A screenshot of Cutting Edge's ordering system with an arrow pointing to the login popup.
A screenshot of Cutting Edge's ordering system with an arrow pointing to the Orders menu option.
A screenshot of Cutting Edge's ordering system, displaying cabinet door orders. An arrow points to the filter options and a second arrow points to the order status.

Don’t waste time worrying about your cabinet door order

First-time orders are always stressful, especially when you have to pay up-front. You don’t know how the ordering process works, what all the statuses mean, and what you should do to ensure that you’re headed in the right direction.

At Cutting Edge, we want to help you avoid this stress. We work in this system every single day – so we’re well prepared to help you every step of the way! 

Now that you know about our order statuses and what they mean for you, you can understand whether you need to worry about the status of your order. Call us to speak with a team member if you need further assistance from our team.