How To Order Cabinet Doors Online from Cutting Edge

Are you ready to order cabinet doors from Cutting Edge? Do you want to save time and money? Follow a five-step process to place your order online.

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Ordering cabinet doors is complex and stressful, with so many options and plenty of chances for mistakes, especially when you have to relay your needs to someone else. What if you could skip that middle step and order the cabinet doors yourself? It would save you time and money by reducing human error.

At Cutting Edge, we understand that more people prefer to place orders online, so we want to make that possible for you too. 

If you want to order cabinet doors online, keep reading to learn about the 5-step process!

Order cabinet doors in five steps

Before you get started, we want to remind you of two things. 

First, you can always ask our team for assistance. Start a live chat with a team member using the chatbot at the left-hand side of the page, or click Request Support at the top of the page.

Second, clicking Save does not submit your job to our team for processing. Instead, it puts a quote in our system that we can access on your behalf and saves your progress. You can click Save multiple times while you enter an order.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Sign in to your contractor account and start a new order

A screenshot of Cutting Edge's ordering system with an arrow pointing to the login.

Now that you have signed in, you’ll see an overview of your account. From this first page, you can see any outstanding balances and all the orders you have in progress.

At the bottom right-hand side of this page, there’s a blue button that reads Create New Order. Click this button to load the new order page.

A screenshot with an arrow pointing to the button to start a new order.

Step 2: Enter your order information

There is a black sidebar on the right-hand side of the order page. At the top of this sidebar, fill in the Order Name box. You can also add a job name for your reference, but the order name is what the system references for searching.

A screenshot with an arrow pointing to the black sidebar.

Next, there is a Description box. Use this box for any relevant information, like items you want our team to double-check or when you need the order to arrive at your shop. Our order processing and scheduling teams review this information, but it will not appear on your paperwork.

Step 3: Pick your product and order your cabinet doors

Now, you can choose your product from the categories. For this example, we are going to enter shaker-style doors. So, we choose Wood, which loads a new layer of options. At this second layer, we choose Doors. From the next layer, we choose Plywood Panel Doors.

Your final specific selection will load an entry page like the one shown below. 

A screenshot showing the entry page where you begin to order cabinet doors.

Once you get to this entry page, select all the cabinet door details. Start with the wood species and work your way through the options. Make sure there are no options that say – Select one –. If you miss a product option, you won’t be able to save your order.

A screenshot showing how to enter the profile details to order cabinet doors.

You can use the Comments text box to add any notes our team needs to know. This information appears on all the paperwork for your order.

Any options you select here apply to all the doors in the section - so, if you have doors that need to be different, move them to a separate section.

Now, you can enter your quantities and door sizes. Each line item also has some options specific to each door. 

For example, you can use the OP3 dropdown to choose to have one outside edge of your door left square (usually, you use this option for lazy Susan doors). You can also add extra panels, a cabinet number for your reference, or choose which edge you want drilled for hinges.

A screenshot showing where to enter the door sizes when you order cabinet doors.

Repeat this step until you have ordered everything you need.

Step 4: Finalize and save your order

Now, make sure the billing and shipping addresses are accurate. Your order will ship to the shipping address shown on this page. Also, add any shipping instructions. For example, you can note that you want the order shipped via a specific courier.

A screenshot with an arrow pointing to the shipping instructions. You can add information here when you order cabinet doors.

Then, save your completed order. If you see a red or yellow warning notice when you click save, check out this article about troubleshooting your online order.

Step 5: Review and submit your order

Once you have saved your order, you should double-check it. Have you ordered all the pieces you need? Did you get all the sizes and details right?

There is a header above your first section of the order with three options: Order, Part Lists, and Order Documents.

Hover over the Part Lists. Choose either Confirmation (if you use Imperial) or Confirmation – Metric from the menu that appears.

A screenshot with an arrow pointing to the menu where you can choose to review your cabinet doors.

When that page loads, you can print it or email a copy to yourself. These options are on the black sidebar at the right-hand side of the page.

A screenshot with an arrow pointing to the options to print or email your confirmation.

We recommend you check everything on the order – from wood species to quantities to sizes. When you enter an order, we don’t cover entry mistakes under warranty because our team didn’t place the order on your behalf.

Once your order is complete and everything is correct, you can submit it. At the bottom right-hand side of the page, click Submit Order.

A screenshot with an arrow pointing to the Submit Order button.

The system will prompt you to agree to our terms and conditions. Once you agree, the system will load a page with payment options.

If you have credit with our company, you can choose to Pay Later. This option will add the order to your outstanding balance.

You must pay up-front if you don’t have credit. Choose to pay by credit card option and enter your card details. Make sure the billing address is correct. Once you click this, the system will run the payment on your credit card. When the payment goes through, the system will submit your order.

Our team will take care of your order from this point, starting with putting the order in our production schedule. You will receive a finalized confirmation by noon on the following working day, with your estimated shipping date.

Order cabinet doors online to save time

Ordering cabinet doors is time-consuming and complicated, especially when you communicate what you need through another person. There is a lot of room for human error.

So, Cutting Edge has enabled you to order cabinet doors online. You can save time and prevent mistakes by ordering what you need – because who knows better than yourself?

If you already have a contractor account, get started by heading over to our online ordering platform

Don’t have an account yet? No problem! Contact our team to request a contractor account.

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