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Are you ready to place an order? Read this article to learn about our 6-step order confirmation process and when to expect your confirmation.

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You are likely reading this article because you are ready to submit an order. First, though, you want to know what happens next. Do we send you an order confirmation? How will you know that our team received your order? What if our team does not receive your email?

What if you are ready to install the job when you realize you never received an order confirmation? If that occurs, you will have to reschedule the cabinet door installation, find another project for your team to work on, and, worst of all, explain to your customer that their cabinet doors have not arrived yet.

Our team receives many orders daily (about 500 cabinet doors per day), and our customers submit orders by email, fax, text, and more. We developed an order confirmation process for our team to help ensure your orders do not get missed.

Now we want to explain this process to you to help you understand what to expect after you submit your order.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The 6-step process we follow when entering your orders.
  • 5 reasons why you may not have your order confirmation.
  • 3 ways you can ensure you receive your confirmation as soon as possible.

Cutting Edge’s 6-step order confirmation process

When you send an order to our team by email, fax, text, or some other method, excluding our online ordering system, your order follows a six-step process.

1. We print your order.

Our team prints a paper copy of your order to make the rest of this process as quick as possible. 

2. We place your order with other orders, sorted by date and time.

We type orders on a first-in, first-out basis, excluding rush and warranty orders. We will type your order before other standard orders that come in later in the day. 

However, rush and warranty orders, which are high priority, get bumped to the front of the line to ensure we can ship them as quickly as possible.

3. A team member enters a batch of orders on our online ordering platform.

Using the information you provided, we enter all the pieces of your order for you on our online ordering platform. (Or, you can submit your own order if you prefer!)

A desk with two screens that have Cutting Edge's online ordering system open on them.

4. We save the order and send a confirmation file to you for approval.

Once we save the order, you can access it using our online ordering system. In addition, our system automatically sends you an email with the order confirmation file attached.

5. The team member hands the orders off to another team member.

6. That team member double-checks the orders and makes any needed corrections.

The second team member ensures that we have entered your order accurately. If we notice and correct mistakes, we send you a new copy of the confirmation file with a description of the errors that we corrected.

Usually, we complete this entire process within one working day. That means you should have a confirmation email by the next business day.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within one working day, and our team has not contacted you for clarification, you should contact our team by email at

6 reasons why your order confirmation from Cutting Edge has not arrived

There are six common reasons for not receiving your order confirmation from Cutting Edge. In any of these cases, you should still contact our team so we can ensure your order is in our system.

1. Our team did not receive your order.

We may not have received your order. In some cases, emails get lost or go to junk folders. In this case, our team will ask you to resend your order and set a time frame that we expect to receive it within. If we still do not receive your order, we will contact you to arrange a different way to place your order.

2. We sent the order confirmation file, but you did not receive it.

Our confirmation emails are sent automatically by our online ordering system. Sometimes, the automated emails get sent to junk folders or rejected by email systems. In this case, our team will attempt to resend the confirmation. If you still do not receive the confirmation, notify our team so we can try a different method of sending the confirmation.

3. We received your order but misplaced it during the order entry process.

Our team members are human; sometimes, orders get misplaced during our order entry process. This happens very rarely – once or twice a month at the most. We stand behind our team members and our work, so if we misplace your order, we will put it on a rush order free of charge to make up for the delay.

4. We need more information from you.

If this is your first order, we may require additional information from you to set up your customer account. If this occurs, we will contact you to confirm the needed information. You can check your inbox for information requests to see if this is why you have not received confirmation, or you can contact our team.

5. Your order is complex and is taking more time than usual.

Some orders simply take longer to process than others. If we need to create a new product line in our ordering system or confirm information with our production team, you may receive your confirmation file later. Our team will notify you if we encounter a delay in entering your order.

6. Our team has a backlog of orders to process

Sometimes, too many orders come in on the same day, and our team can not process them all. In this case, we enter the orders that are left over first the next day. Our team will notify you if this type of delay occurs.

3 ways you can expedite your order confirmation from Cutting Edge

So far, we have looked at our team’s process and what can prevent you from receiving your order confirmation promptly. Now, let’s look at how you can help us get your order confirmation to you without delays.

1. Enter your order on our online ordering platform.

The best way to get your order confirmation is to enter your order using our online ordering system. Once you click ‘Submit Order,’ the system will send your order confirmation to your email.

A screenshot of Cutting Edge's online ordering system with an arrow pointing to Submit Order.
Don't have access to your account? Submit this form; our team will set your customer account up for you.

2. Ensure that you provide all the information our team needs.

If this is your first order, ensure you provide your business information, including your business name, shipping and billing addresses, tax-exempt status, and all other relevant information.

Also, make sure you provide all the door style details for your order. Wood species, profile codes, stile & rail widths – all of that information is vital. If you miss any profile information, it will delay your order confirmation while we try to track down exactly what you wanted to order!

Provide drawings (even a rough sketch will help) or descriptions to answer our questions if you have any custom pieces on your order. 

Don’t panic – your drawing or description does not need to be perfect. Even a rough sketch with some dimensions helps our team figure out what you want. If you are not confident you can provide an accurate drawing, that’s fine – do your best to describe what you are looking for; our team will create a drawing to help clarify your custom pieces.

Having this information up-front saves us, and therefore you, time. Instead of having multiple emails or phone calls to sort out the custom details, we can just get your order entered and your order confirmation sent.

An infographic showing all the information Cutting Edge needs for each order.

3. Check your email inbox for information or clarification requests.

Even if you are sure you provided all the information we might need, watch your email inbox in case we contact you for more information or clarification. We won’t contact you unless we need to, so when you see an email come in, getting the information back to us promptly will mean you get your order confirmation sooner.

Next steps: learn about Cutting Edge’s payment terms

When you started reading this article, you were ready to place your order but you did not know what to expect. 

Now, you understand our process and that you should receive your order confirmation from Cutting Edge within one business day. You also know what might delay your order confirmation and how to expedite your order confirmation.

This information allows you to place your order and know when to follow up with our team to ensure that your order is in our system. You no longer have to worry about what will happen after you place your order.

Next, learn about Cutting Edge’s payment terms.

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