How much does a Maple shaker-style cabinet door cost?

Do you need pricing for Maple shaker-style cabinet doors? In this article, you will learn how much a basic Maple shaker-style door costs and more.

A variety of shaker-style cabinet doors.

Between January 1st, 2023, and December 31, 2023, Maple shaker-style cabinet doors made up 27% of the cabinet doors our customers ordered.

In other words, a lot of people wanted Maple shaker-style cabinet doors. Therefore, many people also wanted to know the cost of Maple shaker-style cabinet doors.

Until now, that information has not been readily available on our website, leaving people feeling frustrated. Instead of a quick Google search pulling up the answer, they had to phone in or send a quote request to get the pricing they needed.

That’s just a waste of time, right?

We understand that having pricing accessible online makes your life easier – you don’t have to talk to anyone or send in a door list for quoting. And because Maple shaker-style doors are so popular, we can get you that pricing to save you time.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What the base price for a Maple shaker-style door is and what that price includes and excludes.
  • What a Maple shaker-style door is.
  • What factors increase the price of a Maple shaker-style door.
  • When you should contact our team to see if better pricing is available.

Cost of a Maple shaker-style cabinet door - at least $36.69/piece

Maple shaker-style cabinet doors from Cutting Edge cost $24.46 per square foot. The minimum cost per piece is $36.69 because the minimum square footage for this door style is set at 1.5 square feet.

If you have contractor pricing, your discount applies to this price. Standard contractor pricing for a Maple shaker-style cabinet door is $29.88 per piece and $19.92 per square foot.

An infographic showing how to calculate square footage of a cabinet door.

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What we include when you order the base cabinet door option

So what do you get when you order a Maple shaker-style door that costs $24.46 per square foot?

The cabinet doors you receive are sanded and ready for finishing. We recommend you spend 1-2 minutes per door doing a quick inspection and touch-up sanding to ensure any scuff marks that occurred during packaging, shipping, and unpackaging are taken care of.

The cabinet doors have 2.25” stiles and rails. We use our standard grade material, which we recommend you finish with a medium to dark stain. However, you can apply a clear lacquer finish to standard Maple shaker-style doors as long as your customer understands that the plywood panels may be a different colour when compared to the stiles and rails, which are solid wood.

You can request that our team break the square edges for no additional cost. Broken square edges are not as drastic as they sound – our team simply takes a piece of sandpaper and runs it along the sharp edges to make them less sharp. If you don’t request broken square edges, the outside edges are very sharp, and your finish may chip or wear off over time.

What we exclude when you order the base cabinet door option

When you order a basic Maple shaker-style cabinet door for $24.46 per square foot, your cabinet doors are not finished, drilled for hinges, or custom in any way. 

Cutting Edge’s Maple shaker-style cabinet door

A shaker-style cabinet door is a very simple door style. The traditional shaker-style cabinet door looks like this:

A Maple shaker-style cabinet door with a plywood center panel.

The stiles and rails (the outer frame) are 2.25” wide and have a square inside and outside profile. The centre panel is ¼” thick plywood.

An infographic showing the parts of a Maple shaker-style cabinet door.

Shaker-style doors are cost-effective because only the stiles and rails are solid wood. The centre panel is plywood, which has a very thin wood skin (or veneer) applied to an MDF core. Plywood panels are less expensive than solid wood panels for two main reasons: 

  1. They aren’t solid wood.
  2. Our team spends less time working with them because they come ready to cut to the size we need.

Shaker-style Maple doors are the most common choice within the generic shaker-style door range. Maple is a hardwood, making it very durable. In addition, Maple is readily available, which makes it more affordable than other wood species. 

Factors that increase the cost of a Maple shaker-style cabinet door

The price will increase if you want to customize your Maple shaker-style door. Below is a list of customizations that increase the price:

A builder grade Maple shaker-style cabinet door with a plywood center panel.

Non-standard stile and rail widths

Changing the stile and rail widths from 2.25” will increase the square foot price from $24.46 to $25.86. 2.25” is our standard stile and rail width, so any other width means we have to adjust the machinery we use to make the stiles and rails.


If you want our team to finish your cabinet doors, the price will increase to at least $39.03 per square foot. Different finish types cost more; $39.03 per square foot allows for a clear lacquer finish.

Hinge drilling

If you want your doors pre-drilled for Blum hinges, we add approximately $1 per hinge hole. Most doors use two hinges; therefore, most doors will cost an extra $2.

Custom details

Adding custom details to your order (like decorative panels or mullion frames) will increase the cost.

Better pricing when you order over 100 Maple shaker-style doors

So now that you know what increases the cost of your Maple shaker-style doors, let’s look at what decreases the cost.

If your order is over 100 pieces or the subtotal is over $10,000, you may be eligible for a 10% discount. At this point, we recommend you contact our team with your order details so we can get you the best pricing possible.

Now, learn how you can customize Maple shaker-style cabinet doors

Before you read this article, you wanted pricing for Maple shaker-style cabinet doors and were frustrated about the lack of pricing information available. You had to contact your suppliers to get pricing and probably had to send door lists for quoting.

Now, you know your price for a Maple shaker-style cabinet door. You also understand what factors affect your cost and how to know when you should contact our team for better pricing.

This information will let you quote your customers quickly and confidently, saving you time and stress.

So what next? Learn about the customizations that are available for Maple shaker-style cabinet doors.

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